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Revolutionary Optics built for Natural VR

Built from the ground up, our 16 sensor camera ensures no eye strain or nausea. Designed and built for all-day viewing.

Perfect stereo capture of objects in close proximity
Objects True-to-scale with no lens distortion
Control your camera from any device.

Use your computer or mobile phone to control your camera, make image adjustments, and record or livestream to your favorite platform.

Live stereoscopic headset preview

The only camera that allows live stereo preview from your VR headset so you can make adjustments before recording or livestreaming.

Real-time color grading
Flexible Orientation

Your image your way. Set your starting position, orientation and field of view from the onboard control application.

Record perfectly stitched stereoscopic footage with only one Micro SD card.
Live Planet

Fully stitched stereoscopic video on a single Micro SD card.


Multiple SD cards to record individual unstitched videos from each sensor.

USB Audio Support.

Capture high quality audio using your favorite audio set through the Live Planet™ camera. Our engineers have integrated direct-to-soundboard input into the camera so you can realize your creative vision with precision.

So much more...
  • Big screen
    equirectangular preview

    Preview and control your Live Planet Camera from your desktop or laptop.

  • Include accessories
    to get you started

    Includes all accessories you need to jumpstart your project.

  • Protective
    camera bag

    Keep your camera safe in the field with the included camera bag.

  • Adjustable video
    center view

    Set the center view for your videos without touching the camera.

  • Mono 180°/360°

    Allows for switching between stereo and mono 180 and 360.

  • Adjustable bitrate for livestreaming

    Full control over bitrate to better fit your connection speed.

Technical Specs
  • DimensionsCylindrical: 100mm height x 107mm diameter

  • Weight1lb 9oz

  • Operating Temperature0-40 Degrees Celsius

  • Power12V DC, 3A

  • Light Stops15 stops in HDR mode

  • Video Sensor Array16 sensors (Sony IMX 326)

  • LensSunex DSL218 F2.0

  • ISO Range100-3200

  • StitchingProprietary real-time device stitching

  • Recording ResolutionFully stitched on-device 4096x2160 30fps, 6144x3328 24fps with post-processing (coming soon)

  • HDMI Out4096x2160 30fps HDMI Out (beta)

  • Livestreaming ResolutionFully stitched on-device 4096x2160 30fps

  • BitratesRecording: 50 Mbps Livestreaming: 15, 30, 45, 60 Mbps

  • FoV360 and 180 degrees. Additional custom FoV beta

  • Videos ModesBoth Stereo and Mono

  • Local StorageYes. Final stitched 360 degrees stereo video on a single microSD card

  • HDRAuto/Manual

  • Ethernet PortGigabit ethernet for fast uploads

  • WiFiFor camera control only from within 15 feet

  • Other Streaming ProtocolsRTMP

  • Audio SupportUSB stereo audio-in